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Alexander Technique of Self-Awareness and Tools for Growth and Change  – Alan S. Weiner  – Member of Am. SAT*


ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE   –   Awareness of Interfering Habits & Freedom to Change                                                                            Through Guided Self-Help


I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for four years, following a three year training course, continuing education with several Master Teachers,  and a B.A. in Biology.  The lessons helps us to release attitudes that hold us back such as over-tensed muscles and thinking that stifles our growth.


The Alexander Technique rests on the mind – body unity within us and the means for overcoming stumbling blocks in our life.  Mobility issues and feeling more comfortable in our own skin are important benefits of the classes.  Lessons involve letting go of habitual tension and thoughts that stifle our growth through pausing, guided movement, and verbal direction with a teacher.  As we become more aware and learn to stop unhelpful activity, understanding and control of our reactions and habit patterns improves.  As we work to determine how best to effect change, our capacity for growth and self-determination can increase.

This technique is a self-help modality that begins with a teacher’s gentle hands on guidance, using Non-doing and Directing to alter limiting habits of movement, belief and action.


Obedience to blind habit is comfortable in some ways, but makes change difficult because this change “feels” wrong or unnatural.   Re-educating our nervous system provides a route to our original ease of movement and behavior (spontaneity).


Often we experience discomfort caused by habitual patterns of tension and less than optimal movement patterns and reaction to stimuli.  Unnecessary stress in our life can be a habitual interference to our serenity and wellbeing.


Local Alexander Technique teachers in the area volunteer their time to introduce this valuable tool to anyone interested.  The location and time is: 3:45 – 4:30 p.m. every Sunday at the Lloyd House – 3901 Clifton Ave. near Lafayette Dr.


For More Information about alternate days/times/ locations; Contact: Alan Weiner   —; 513-236-3899


* American Society for the Alexander Technique