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Q:  What is AT:

A: It is a technique that allows gradual change in the direction of improved use of the self (shorthand for our psycho-physical unity).  Our current habit patterns feel correct, but can be counterproductive if not examined and altered if necessary

How can the student most benefit from the technique with little effort?

Become aware of our current tension patterns and areas where we encounter pain/trouble.  Pausing (catching ourselves in the act of habit) is the 1st step,  where appropriate, of change;  We might consider alternatives;  then try a new behavior and see the results.

Try a starter series of lessons with a certfied teacher and in the meantime: Do constructive rest by laying down  on a fairly firm surface (yoga mat), semi supine, with knees bent at 45 degrees and pointed to the ceiling, and a thickness of books supporting the head (depending on the student- 1-5 ” where the neck is roughly parallel to the floor.  The horizontal position allows length to happen in a non-doing way over 10-20 minutes.

Notice feelings of pain and strain and realize there might be a better way behave.

Check out the practice sessions at www.LloydHouse.com on Sundays at 3:45 p.m.in Clifton.


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